New partnership with African Wildlife Foundation
We are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with African Wildlife Foundation (, a conservation group working solely on the continent of Africa, to increase awareness about the issues that threaten Africaís natural heritage and what AWF and its partners are doing to conserve the continentís wildlife and habitats.
Zambia Safari Planner Highlights
Like several other safari destinations, Zambia offers visitors diverse attractions and a great choice of facilities, many with specialist skills or locations. It is not surprising, therefore, that we are often asked to recommend itineraries or lodges. However these decisions can be very personal, and no one knows each business as well as the owners. So to help you learn more about the services available in Zambia, we extended an open invitation to accommodation providers and tour operators to tell you, in their own words, what they have to offer you. Below you will find the Zambia Safari Planner Highlights and a handy factfile.
Essential Africa: South Africa
Thanks to its spectacular diversity, South Africa offers more holiday possibilities than any other nation on the continent. We asked Carrie Hampton, who has visited more than 200 safari lodges and dozens of beaches, to let us into the secrets of its best bush and beach destinations.
Secret stars
The Kalahari region of southeast Namibia is home to none of the countryís major tourist hotspots. Its greatest claim to fame used to be a spectacular sandstone masterpiece known as Godís Finger; but this geological anomaly collapsed way back in 1988 and the area has languished off the safari circuit ever since. Intrigued to find out whether there are any other notable attractions secreted amongst the dolerite boulders and red Kalahari sands, Stephen Cunliffe decided to set out and explore. The off-the-beaten-track highlights he discovered among the regionís sprawling sheep farms and wide open spaces donít feature in any tourist brochures. Yet.
The road less travelled
Kenya is not usually the first destination youíd choose for a self-drive safari. So when wildlife photojournalists Steve and Ann Toon decided to tour its wildlife reserves in a restored but rusting 1970s Toyota Land Cruiser, it was sure to be an epic adventure...
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