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Issue 66 (Spring 2014)

Sir David Attenborough 'Still so much to explore' • Can we save our wildlife? • Rwanda - land of surprises • Winging it - marvels of migration • Exploring Malawi - the complete safari destination? • Searching for Simba in Meru • Visiting Sierra Leone... and much more!

In conversation with Sir David Attenborough
In January 2014, Sir David Attenborough talked to Travel Africa about his passion for Africa...  and his concerns for the future of its people, wildlife and natural heritage.
Cape Town, World Design Capital, 2014
A perennial favourite tourist destination, Cape Town stands out as one of the world’s most beautiful cities. But something is in the air that makes 2014 an especially great time to visit. Words by Carrie Hampton. Pictures by Jurgen Banda-Hansmann.
Our wildlife exposure
Recording your sightings is a natural part of any safari experience. Most safari-goers pack at least one camera per group. While most of us are casual enthusiasts, some are committed fanatics. Regardless of technical ability, however, we all harbour a desire to take the best possible pictures. There are an increasing number of specialist photographic safaris on offer. But we wanted to know if there is more to this than just visiting a park, booking great accommodation and sitting patiently in your safari vehicle, camera in hand? So we sent experienced wildlife photographer Jacques Sellschop on a specialist photography safari to Namibia and Botswana.
Getting to the heart of it...
With Malawi celebrating 50 years of independence from British colonial rule this July, we invited Blantyre-based Frank Johnston to take you on tour of his adopted home, to show you why this little country is rightly known as the 'warm heart of Africa'.
Searching for Simba
Drawn by childhood recollections of the Born Free story, Jackson Biko finds himself in Meru, following the George Adamson legacy, experiencing the circle of life.
Land of surprises
It is already two decades since the genocide that rocked Rwanda, and stories of a progressive, friendly and diverse country suggest the country itself has been on quite a journey. So we sent Sue Watt to see what awaits visitors in this mysterious, intriguing country.  (Hint: we didn’t send her for long enough!)
Can we save Africa's wildlife?
In the face of unprecedented poaching of Africa’s wildlife, Peter Borchert assesses the fight against wildlife trafficking.
Ivory - from bush to market
Ivory taken from an elephant in Africa travels along an elaborate trade chain that spans countries, oceans, and continents, and comprises a network of poachers, traffickers, fixers, kingpins, and consumers.
In and out of Africa
Every year, some one-and-a-half billion birds migrate between Europe and Africa. Even in the age of satellite tracking, much about this extraordinary phenomenon remains a mystery to science. Why do they do it? How do they find their way? With World Migratory Bird Day approaching, Mike Unwin takes a closer look at these feathered nomads and their miraculous journeys.
Back to the future
Drawn by a family connection, David Brown ventured to Sierra Leone to explore a country rebuilding itself after decades of turmoil.
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