Issue 55 (Summer 2011)
Issue 55 (Summer 2011)
Special themed edition: Celebrating the diverse attractions of Africa's waterways • Rivers of Life: remarkable journeys, landscapes, cultures, adventures and wildlife • New look at the migration • History of Nile travel • A green Kalahari? • Selous safari • Okavango's heartbeat • To Timbuktu • Zambezi's many charms... and much more!

Running Wild
The waters of the Rufiji River have long sustained the incredible wildlife within Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve. Here, Brian Jackman fulfils a long-held ambition and embraces the life along this river’s banks.
Conduits of change
Africa’s formidable rivers provided dangerous, often deadly, obstacles to early explorers, adventurers and traders, yet they were also the irresistible lure that drew these outsiders into the heart of Africa. Here, Len Rix looks back at some of the early explorations of Africa’s rivers.
The myth of the River God
Africans have had spiritual connections to the continent’s rivers for thousands of years, a fact Daniel Mandishona believes was disregarded by colonial authorities in the past.
Waiting game
The Mara is best known, not for the animals that live in it, but for the animals that cross it twice each year. Yet, lurking in its depths and bathing on its banks is one of Africa’s greatest creatures. Mike Unwin tells its story.
Three's a charm
The Zambezi may not be Africa’s longest, deepest or widest river, but for the combination of wildlife, landscapes and culture along its 2574km length, most visitors consider it to be the continent’s most wild and wonderful waterway. Philip Briggs explains.
Seeing orange in the Green Kalahari
Becca Blond follows a long blue river called the Orange through an upside-down world of strange thorny trees and ethereal light in South Africa’s Northern Cape. Besides discovering first-hand that this incredible ‘Green Kalahari’ region has exciting water-based adventures, she also learns that it now possesses a thriving wine industry.
River among rivers
Join Sahara lover Anthony Ham for a trip into the desert on the waters of the enigmatic Niger River.
The beat goes on
The Okavango River may be best known for its dramatic demise in the sands of the Kalahari, but, as Mike Main explains, the pulse of life it brings to the delta each year is truly spectacular.
Tales of dry riverbeds
While water is most often absent from them, Africa’s ephemeral rivers still manage to support a rich array of wildlife. Here, Ann and Steve Toon travel to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park to enjoy the life along the Nossob and Auob.
Long time coming
Anthony Sattin, author of the acclaimed novels Winter on the Nile and Lifting the Veil, is well versed in the history of travel along Africa’s most famous river. Here, he looks back at how things have changed over the past few centuries.

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