Issue 6 (Winter 1998/9)
Winter 2000

//99 Saving The Rhino · Zanzibar Profile · Uganda's Murchison Falls National Park · Addis Ababa, City Profile · Zambia's Luangwa Valley · Malawi: Zomba, City Profile · Lewa Downs Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya · Trout Fishing in Kenya's Averdere National Park · South Africa, Country Profile · Malay Culture · Great Zimbabwe · Dunes of the Namib Desert · Tswapong Hills, Botswana · Tunisia's Ancient Dougga Settlement · The Gambia At a Glance · Photoschool: Birds

Zambia: Zomba
Zomba was Malawi's capital until 1975, but parliament still meets in this picturesque town, which lies in the shadow of a scenic plateau.
South Africa: Country Profile
South Africa is an efficient, "second world" society. Its cities are large, developed and cosmopolitan. Its attractions are diverse and spectacular. Is it any wonder, therefore, that the country is Africa's most popular tourist destination? Philip Briggs takes a closer look.
Zambia: The Luangwa Valley
Chris McIntyre ventures into Zambia's Luangwa Valley and discovers a wilderness rich in flora and fauna, where walking safaris are unparalleled and there are barely any tourists. Could this be one of Africa's finest wildlife reserves?
Wildlife: Saving the Rhino
Esmond Martin and Lucy Ligne look at the reasons for the recent increase in rhino numbers - a rare conservation success story.
Namibia: Sossusvlei
Namibia's Namib desert is one of the most intriguing places in Africa, if not the world. Its high, curving dunes are no more stunning than at Sossusvlei, the pan most people visit when they explore the region. We've all seen pictures of them, but what are the dunes really like? What is their big appeal? Ron Crittall went to find out.
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