Issue 10 (Winter 1999)
Winter 1999

Cheetah · Namibia's Etosha National Park · Botswana's Okavango Delta · The Blyde River Canyon · Nosy Be, Madagascar · Harare, City Profile · Zambia Country Profile · Mount Mulanje, Malawi · Your Safety in Africa · Red Sea Liveaboard · The History of Safari · Kenya's Amboseli National Park · Ruaha National Park, Tanzania · Uganda's Chimp Sanctuary · Cultural Ceremonies Threatened · Mali's Dogon People · Taita Discovery Centre, Kenya · Photoschool: Landscapes

Zambia: Country Profile
For years Zambia was ignored by all but the hardiest of travellers. It is only in recent years that the country has started to gain recognition for being a truly wild destination, relatively untarnished by tourism. Whilst facilities are slowly being developed, Zambia remains for many the finest safari venue on the continent. Chris McIntyre tracks the development of the country from a tourist's perspective.
History: The History of Safari
A few months ago I looked on as a plucky eight-year-old Kenyan friend of mine made his vital preparations. On the steps of the verandah he had assembled a small but well-chosen array of equipment: his new pen-knife, a pair of shoes, a bottle of fizzy orange, a sandwich, a catapult and a ball of string.
Ghana: Dipo Ceremony
The Coming of Age is a significant occasion for many African cultures. In Ghana, the Dipo ceremony is one of the most important events of the year. However, modern influences may be threatening its long-term future. Story and pictures by Bob Burch.
Egypt: Diving
The Red Sea, off the Egyptian coast, offers some of the finest diving in the world. Based from a liveaboard dive boat, the experience is likely to become addictive - if carefully planned. Diving photojournalist Louise Murray gives us the lowdown.
Botswana: Sample Safari in the Okavango
Sample Safari is a new feature aimed at giving you an insight to the range of safari options available throughout Africa. In this inaugural column, Garth Thompson reports on a mobile tented safari he undertook in Botswana's Okavango Delta.
Madagascar: Nosy Be
Off the north-west coast of Madagascar, a tropical archipelago beckons holiday-makers and ecotourists alike. As Derek Schuurman discovered, a strong Malagasy influence gives Nosy Be a character which makes it a must-see for any visitor to these intriguing islands.
Uganda: Chimpanzee Sanctuary
With East and Central Africa's chimpanzee populations coming under pressure, a sanctuary has been established on an island in Lake Victoria. Not only does Ngamba provide a safe-haven for orphaned animals, it has already become a popular tourist attraction. Pamela Kertland Wright paid a visit.
Malawi: Mount Mulanje
Mount Mulanje is not often quoted as a key tourist attraction, yet those who do spend time in the massif will realise there is a lot more on offer than some great scenery. Story by John Douglas.
Morocco: At a Glance
With Atlantic and Mediterranean beaches, desert sands, fertile plateaux, thick forests and teeming cities, Morocco is a land of great contrasts and beauty. The coastal regions are shielded by an arc of four distinct geologically unstable mountain ranges.
People of Africa's Past: Jomo Kenyatta
In 1894 Jomo Kenyatta entered the world at Ichaweri in the highlands near Nairobi. He was raised in the countryside around Mount Kenya and schooled at a Church of Scotland mission.
Zimbabwe: Harare, City Profile.
Harare takes many visitors by surprise. It is (relatively) clean, modern and thriving. Story by Stephanie Debere. Pictures by Eric Gauss.
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