Issue 16 (Summer 2001)
Summer 2001

Victoria Falls · Accommodation in Botswana · Zambia's Sumbu National Park · Malawi's Chair Carvings · Travelling with a Camera · Maputaland · Nouvea Namibia · Cape to Cairo in London · Mopti - the heart of Mali · Uganda's Queen Elizabeth National Park · Kenya's Meru National Park · Mauritius · Madagascar's Wildlife Part 1 · Photoschool: Perspective

Uganda: Narnia
It's hard to put your finger on what's so special about Ishasha, the wild southern section of Queen Elizabeth NP. Intrigued, Pamela Kertland-Wright pays a visit.
Zimbabwe: 72 hours at Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls are one of the world's most arresting sights, and their surrounds combine the adrenalin capital of Africa, a history lover's haven and a hedonistic party zone. With so much on offer, we asked Emma Gregg to see if it is feasible to take it all in in only three days. As she reports, it was a tough call.
Botswana: Accommodation
Paradoxically, one of Africa's least tarnished wildernesses offers some of its finest bush accommodation. Botswana's camps may have daunting reputations, but expert guide and tour operator Cris McIntyre demystifies them to help all types of traveller find ideal resting places in both desert and delta.
Activities: Africa By Bicycle - Leg 7
Mauritania to Morocco
Chad: At a Glance
Rock art sites show that hunter-gatherers roamed the area over 9000 years ago. By about the time Christ was born, cereal farming and iron working were practised and camel caravans plodded the trans-Sahara trade routes.
Malawi: Carved Chairs
Malawians are among the best wood carvers in Africa. Visitors to this small central African country are inevitably captivated by sculpted heads, small dishes and carved village scenes. These make great gifts and are easily transported home, but if someone asks you to bring back a carved chair, you may balk at the prospect of excess baggage charges or squeezing it aboard an aircraft.
Madagascar: Amazing Wildlife (Part 1)
Next door to Africa, but separated by 165 million years of isolation, Madagascar is renowned for having peculiar habitats, different cultures and unique wildlife. I became intrigued as a child - my earliest recollections conjure evocative images of singing lemurs, forests of thorns and Elephant birds. And when visiting for the first time, I immediately fell in love with the country and its remarkable wildlife.
South Africa: Maputaland
Maputaland seems like a patchwork of unlinked nature conservancies, but plans for an International Biosphere Reserve aim to coordinate protection of this tropical corner of South Africa. David Rogers explores coral reefs, beaches, lakes, game parks and villages to find out what's at stake.
Mauritius: Beyond the Beaches
Most people may think of Mauritius as a sun, sea and sand destination, but there's far more to this cosmopolitan Indian Ocean island than that, discovers Chris Hellier.
Mali: Mopti, City Profile
Mopti lies at the confluence of ancient trading routes, but the best of the city is seen not in its markets, says Cristina Kessler, but from a vantage point overlooking the bustle of the River Niger.
Zimbabwe: Malilangwe Trust
Importing animals to restock a ravaged area is not easy, or cheap, but it can work. Travel Africa investigates.
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