Issue 28 (Summer 2004)
Summer 2004

10 Best South African Wildlife Experiences · Special Feature - Mozambique · In Stanley's Footsteps · Kenya People · Art Safari · Tanzania · David Shepherd

Wildfile - Underwater Hippos & Wildlife News
Underwater Hippo Feature, Rhinos, White Lions, Lemurs and more...
Twelve years after its civil war ended, Mozambique is experiencing the renaissance of its once-thriving tourism industry. Stephanie Debere explores the country's beguiling coast and examines the future of this most promising tourist destination.
An African Love Affair
Never been to Africa before? Wondering what it is that makes people want to return time and again? Safari connoisseur and lifelong Africa lover Brian Jackman explains why you should visit this most seductive of continents.
David Shepherd - Painting a Brighter Future for Wildlife.
William Gray meets, world-renowned artist and founder of one of Britains most popular conservation charities, David Shepherd OBE. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF), recently voted in a BBC poll as one of Britain's most effective and popular conservation charities. William Gray met its founder, world-renowned artist David Shepherd OBE, who first travelled to Africa in 1949 determined to be a game warden.
Explore: In Stanley's Footsteps
Inspired by the expeditions of Henry Morton Stanley, and with a personal mission at heart, Simon Wilson Stephens embarked on a three-month safari around East Africa in Stanley's footsteps. Here he gives his first full account of his expedition
World Class Africa - Luxury African Travel
Africa is notorious for poverty, but is also home to some of the world's finest luxury tourism projects. Here we take a look at some of the most extravgant travel experiences available worldwide - in Africa. Writing an article like this becomes incredibly difficult when there is simply far too much to choose from. In the end, the list includes a variety of types of luxury experience, from train travel to city hotels and safari lodges, covering companies such as Orient-Express, CC Africa and Wilderness Safaris who have led the way in creating truly world-class experiences.
World Class Africa - Budget Adventures
Selecting Africa's world-class budget adventures was a task that threatened our sanity - how could we choose, the possibilities are so great. Here we look at just some of the options available in the worlds most exciting continent
Timeless Tuli
It's not Chobe or the Okavango Delta but, according to Glenn Read, Botswana's Tuli Block takes a lot of beating when it comes to wildlife, scenery and a lodge that's had four decades to refine the art of safari.
The Art of Travel
Catherine Ebbels swaps camera for paintbrush and sees Africa with new eyes after a sketching safari to Malawi and Zambia.
The Top 10 Wildlife Experiences in South Africa
We asked photojournalist David Rogers to recommend ten wildlife experiences that will make a visit to South Africa all the more special. As his selection shows, the most memorable encounters are those which touch the soul.
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