Issue 33 (Winter 2005/6)
Winter 2005/6

Special feature - Kilimanjaro, The Complete Guide · Mount Kenya · Table Mountain · Namibia's Aurus Mountains · South Luangwa · Self-drive through Central Africa · Marathon man Ben Fogle · One day in Africa photo gallery · Essential Egypt · Animal Attraction · Day trip to Banjul

Mountain Special - Kilimanjaro
So you like a challenge? Try this for size. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, is the stuff of legend. And because you don’t need to be an experienced mountaineer to climb it, thousands of people make the attempt every year. But, while the ascent may not be a technical climb, it’s taxing – and potentially dangerous, too, if you misjudge your kit, your route, your guides, and your timing. Get it right, says Alex Stewart, and get ready to experience a hard-won natural high.
Mount Kenya: East Africa's alpine garden
There’s much more to enjoy on a visit to Mount Kenya than the dash to the summit. Take time to smell the flowers, says Tom Parkinson.
Mountain Special: South Africa's Table Mountain
A place at high Table: there’s a new way to appreciate Cape Town’s most remarkable landmark. South African National Parks have devised a series of guided walks which give hikers a fresh perspective on Table Mountain, complete with places to stay en route. Judy van der Walt jumped at the chance to lace up her boots and hit the trail.
Mountain Special - Aurus Mountains
Diamonds in the rough. When diamonds were discovered in Namibia nearly a century ago, the government sealed the area. Even today only a select few, mostly miners, are issued with access permits. But that is about to change, as the Sperrgebiet is set to become Namibia’s newest national park, open to the public in limited numbers. Euan Murray introduces one of Africa’s untouched gems. Pictures by Caroline Mardon.
Marathon man Ben Fogle
It’s an odd way to make a living. Ben Fogle, writer and television presenter, gets along by accepting one endurance challenge after another. Last year, he took on the Marathon des Sables, a punishing 151-mile run through the Moroccan desert. He tells Emma Gregg how he fought gruelling heat and gruesome blisters all the way to the finishing line.
Walk this way
If quality of guiding were the deciding factor, then Zambia’s Luangwa Valley would probably be voted Africa’s leading safari destination, by a comfortable margin. South Luangwa National Park has game in abundance and no shortage of unexplored, unspoilt wilderness. So far, so wonderful. But how long is it going to stay that way? Huw Williams set off on safari to find out.
Blazing a trail
Ex-British Army Sabre Squadron (SF) operator Chris Charlton is living the ultimate overland adventure – a 200,000-kilometre round-the-world expedition by state-of-the-art customised Land Rover. As if that weren’t ambitious enough, in September he moved up a gear and into groundbreaking mode, when he decided to research and pioneer an intrepid path across Central Africa. It was the first time the route had been attempted by an overland expedition in over 20 years. He tells us how he made it possible.
Essay: Gentle giants and sleeping volcanoes
While some of the world’s former trouble spots are still licking their wounds, others are looking to the future. Rwanda’s determination to make visitors feel welcome is very much to the country’s credit, says Hamilton Wende.
Animal Attraction
If you’re relatively new to the safari experience, wildlife-watching is a great adventure. But what if you’ve been living and working among wild animals for years? Do seasoned national park rangers still get excited about the animals they encounter? Hannah Forbes Black asks four safari guides in Tanzania which species get their hearts thumping every time.
One day in an African Eden
From the first pre-dawn stirrings of birds to the last screeches of nocturnal insects, every hour of every day in the bush has its own rhythm and tempo. South African photographer Adrian Bailey captures the changing mood of Botswana’s remote wilderness as, from dawn to dusk, the day unfolds.
Day trip to Banjul
Most winter visitors to The Gambia make a beeline for the beaches – and there’s nothing wrong with that. But for a change of scene the country’s low-key capital, Banjul, is well worth a look. You’d never call it an impressive city, but it’s got plenty of character and it’s close enough to the coastal resorts to make a day trip a doddle. Emma Gregg has it all planned out.
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