Issue 35 (Summer 2006)
Summer 2006

Kwa-Zulu Natal · Classic Kenya · Trans-Africa your way · Plan a chimp-watching adventure · Hides · Addis Ababa · A dip in Lake Malawi · Kalahari after the rains · Michael Poliza · Photographing elephants........and much more!

The Very Best of KwaZulu-Natal
It's been describes as the most African of South African provinces. Vibrant and stunningly picturesque, KwaZulu-Natal packs all the very best of the continent - beaches, adventure, history, culture, dramatic landscapes and outstanding game viewing - into one hospitable and accessible region. It's a favourite tourist destination for South Africans, and it's beginning to catch the imagination of the other nationalities too.
Take It To The Top
How would you like to drive your own vehicle the length of Africa, crossing deserts, fording hippo-filled rovers and exploring prime safari territory along the way? It may sound like and impossible dream, but, with the right combination of skills, planning and enthusiasm, it's within anyone's grasp. Mary Askew, recently returned from a year on the road with her partner, explains how to get started.
Our Closest Cousins
They recognise themselves in mirrors. They remember when others betray them. Their DNA matches ours to within 1.3%. And their future survival is hanging in the balance. Could carefully-run, tourist-friendly primate sanctuaries provide the lifeline that Africa's chimpanzees and bonobos so desperately need? To find out, Emma Gregg visits a chimpanzee rehabilitation project in The Gambia and Vanessa Wood sets off in search of bonobos in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 
Best Seat In The House
You could call in Africa's answer to reality TV. You settle yourself down and watch. Characters come and go, strike poses, quarrel and chat as the everyday dramas of life are enacted before you. Get into wildlife-watching from a hide, says Mike Unwin, and you, too, could end up so utterly hooked you'll be turning down game drives 
Interview - Giving Something Back
Jo Pope of Robin Pope Safaris has made Zambia's South Luangwa National Park her home for the best part of two decades. A born organiser, her many successful co-ventures - from impeccably designed bush lodges to much-improved schools - bear testimony to her commitment both to the future of a Zambian tourism and to the general welfare of the local community. Last year she received a prestigious international Responsible Tourism Award for her achievements. Huw Williams reports.
The Emerald Desert
A month of heavy rain is enough to transform central Botswana's arid plains into grasslands teeming with mammals, butterflies and birds, says Brian Jackman.
Decoding Ethiopia's past in Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa is not an ancient city - it's little more than a century old. Why, then, should history-lovers pay it a visit? Phillip Briggs reveals some of the unexpected attractions of the Ethiopian capital 
Essay: In the stillness of the Sahal
In the deserts of northern Burkina Faso, where many people have few possessions, there's richness of a different sort, as Kate Eshelby discovers. 
Essential Africa: Kenya

A rich cultural heritage, dramatic scenery, stunning beaches and wildlife galore make Kenya a classic safari destination that's much-visited and much-loved. For Claire Foottit, author of Kenya: the Bradt Travel Guide, this evolving country has far more to offer than minibus tours and poolside cocktails: here, she shortlists Kenya's most compelling attractions and suggests three specialist itineraries to excite the interest of experienced and discerning travellers. 

Peaceful Waters

Sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, wake-boarding, snorkelling, swimming, water skiing...with so much on offer, Lake Malawi is a cracking destination for a water-based holiday - and its utterly relaxing, too, says Robert Jones 

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