Sweet silhouettes
Edition 60 (Autumn 2012)
By Lou Coetzer
Engaging subjects
Edition 56 (Autumn 2011)
There are few things as difficult, or rewarding, as photographing people. Here Dale Morris offers his advice.
Pretty in pink

Edition 47: Summer 2009

With long legs, vivacious curves and an impeccable dress sense, flamingos should be the perfect photography models. As Tracey Rich and Andy Rouse explain, things aren’t always as they seem.

Through your eyes

Edition 46: Spring 2009

Considering the goal of Photoschool is to help our readers take better images while on safari, we thought it fitting that this edition, the first of 2009, should highlight the best images captured by you over the past year.

The Big Picture

Edition 45: Winter 2008/9

With big zooms ablazing, photographers – professional and amateur alike – are seemingly always after the ever-closer close-up. Are they missing the big picture? Tracey Rich and Andy Rouse think so.

Going ape

Edition 44: Autumn 2008

The sheer fact that gorilla encounters are so exhilarating and deeply rewarding means that photography skills often go out the window. As well as giving you some insight to these marvellous creatures, Tracey Rich and Andy Rouse provide you with some tips to ensure you come home with pictures worthy of the experience.

Beginners' luck

Edition 43: Summer 2008

Just because you are a novice photographer toting a pocket-sized digital camera on your next safari doesn’t mean you have resign yourself to simple holiday snaps. With advice from professional photographers Tracey Rich and Andy Rouse you can bring home some magazine-quality shots that have nothing to do with luck.

Baby faces

Edition 42: Spring 2008

What is it about babies? Whether cute or downright ugly, they are irresistible to most people with cameras. Professional photographers Tracey Rich and Andy Rouse are here to help you get the perfect portrait.

Hyenas: Catching the good side

Edition 39: Summer 2007

Long suffering from their unjust reputation as opportunistic (and many would add ugly) thieves, hyena are in fact one of Africa’s most fascinating creatures. Here, photographers Andy Rouse and Tracey Rich explain how to capture Africa’s proverbial baddies.

Under the cover of darkness

Edition 38: Spring 2007

When the sun goes down, the African wilds come alive and offer the well-informed photographer incredible opportunities. But be careful with those flashes! Andy Rouse and Tracey Rich explain.

Antelopes: Africa's athletes

Edition 37: Winter 2006/7

On safari, antelopes are everywhere. Perhaps that’s why so many photographers treat them as part of the scenery rather than the stars of the shot. But they deserve a closer look, say Andy Rouse and Tracey Rich.

The elephant: ancient rumblings
Edition 35: Summer 2006

When you ask a first-time traveller to the African continent (otherwise known as a safari virgin) what animals they’re most looking forward to seeing, elephants ‐ the mightiest and most endearing of the Big Five ‐ often top the list.
The leopard: a shape in the shadows
Edition 34: Spring 2006

Your first glimpse of a leopard can be one of the most exciting moments of a safari. Award-winning wildlife photographer Andy Rouse is on hand with some expert advice on how to keep your cool and get the perfect shot.
The hippo - Africa's angry water horse
Edition 33: Winter 2005/6

You’re on safari, you’ve found some hippos, and you’d love to be able to photograph them in a way that brings out their true character. Where do you start? Award-winning wildlife photographer Andy Rouse is on hand with some expert advice.
Picturing People
Edition 32: Autumn 2005

The first things I think of when someone mentions Africa are the many enchanting faces I’ve seen and people that I’ve met on my travels. It should be known as the land of smiles. Mix together the myriad colours of African dress, dark skin and strong light and you have both the potential for fantastic images and the possibility of disastrous ones! Add in a vast range of cultural attitudes to the human image, and its portrayal, and you could easily find yourself in big trouble while taking a bad picture.
People of Kenya
Edition 28: Summer 2004

From his home in Nairobi, Nigel Pavitt has travelled extensively throughout East and Central Africa, photographing indigenous people and landscapes. For the last 15 years he has photographed the customs and traditions of pastoral societies. Here he shares what he has learned.
Call of the Wild
Edition 31: Summer 2005

How do you go about taking the kind of wildlife shots that jump straight off the page? Chris Coe is on hand with some solid advice.

Light on the landscape
Edition 30: Spring 2005

Landscapes inspire most photographers but big skies and big views can be surprisingly hard to capture. Travel photography expert Chris Coe has some solutions.
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