Issue 37 (Winter 2006/7)

Edition 37 Winter 2006/7

Explore Namibia - feel the freedom • Teenage travellers in Tanzania • Ghana at 50• Overlanding - the ultimate adventure • Mission Africa • Riding ostriches • Essential Gambia • The Nile • Undiscovered Ethiopia • African animals we love to hate • Alexandria.......and much more!

Ethiopia - off the beaten track
Love adventure? Hate crowds of tourists? Philip Briggs highly recommends a visit to some of the least-known corners of an enigmatic and thoroughly intriguing African nation.
Ghana at 50
In March 2007, Ghana will be celebrating 50 years of independence and the bicentenary of the abolition of slave trade. There’s never been a better time to plan a trip to this colourful country, says Melissa Shales.
Chariots of fire (and feathers)
The stakes are high as, in South Africa’s Klein Karoo, Dale R Morris accepts the ultimate challenge: a place in the ostrich derby. He’s a total novice ‐ but has he got what it takes to ride to victory?
Under the spell of the spillway
Low in the water, a paddle in your hands and the Okavango sun on your back. You don’t get much closer to nature than this, says Robyn Keene-Young.
Animals we love to hate
There’s no escaping it ‐ some creatures just make our skin crawl. But why? Do hyenas really deserve their unsavoury reputation? Are vultures actually any less worthy of our admiration than prettier, cuddlier species? And what about spiders and snakes: is it fair to brand them the terrorists of the natural world, masterminding their very own axis of evil? Mike Unwin presents the case for the defence.
The Accidental Overlander
Sun on your face, dust in your hair, a heady whiff of adventure ‐ and somebody else to do all the driving. If you’re keen to tick off some of the continent’s highlights and have a couple of weeks or more to spare, there’s a lot to be said for travelling by overland truck. How much you’ll be roughing it depends on the kind of trip you choose, but one thing’s pretty certain ‐ you’ll end up getting to know your co-travellers very well. Clive Grylls takes a big gulp of team spirit and gets ready to muck in.
Have teens, will travel
When he set about planning a family camping safari which would take in some of Tanzania’s wildest and most wonderful places, Martin Symington knew his wife would be over the moon. But would his three worldly-wise, travel-savvy teenagers be equally enthusiastic?
Where Europe meets the East
Alexandria, once home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, has always been a dynamic city. Over the centuries it has steadily reinvented itself, blending influences from Greece, Rome, Britain and France while retaining a distinctive North African flavour. Stephanie Debere combines her visit with a pilgrimage to the battlefields of El Alamein.
Drive Time
In Namibia, you can surf down towering dunes, visit stunning national parks and drift over mile after mile of unspoilt wilderness by Cessna, microlight or balloon. And that’s just for starters. No wonder it’s consistently voted Africa’s top adventure destination. What’s more, you can go it alone: with good roads and efficient services, a little independent thinking is all it takes to put yourself in the driving seat ‐ literally ‐ and discover this inspiring country at your own pace. Hamilton Wende checks his map, loads up with supplies and gets behind the wheel.
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