Issue 38 (Spring 2007)
Spring 2007
Kenya's top 15 parks and reserves • Etosha's evolution • Falling for Niger • 5-Star Madagascar • How to get the most from Botswana • South Africa's Otter Trail • Essential Gabon • Arusha • Africa from above • Nature's camouflage • Nocturnal photography hints • Tripoli..... and much more!

Today's nourishment, yesterday's tears
The sublime sights and sounds of Etosha today may well lead many to believe that the park’s founding exactly a century ago was solely based on the noble aim of animal preservation. However, African historian and author Edward Paice reveals that Etosha owes its beginnings to a rather more surprising set of influences, ranging from lofty dreams of fortune, fame and intellectual discovery, to the exploitation of local peoples and Germany’s fear of Portuguese expansionist ambitions.
A leap into the Air
Although sights of the Sahara’s shifting sands in northern Niger may temporarily take your breath away, venturing into the mountains that pierce the desert’s surface and rise high into the blue Nigerien skies will stick with you forever. Follow Anthony Ham as he wades into the world of the Tuareg.
Give Peace a Chance
Despite increasing crowds of minibuses flocking to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, many people still refuse to look elsewhere, simply assuming the era of enjoying a peaceful, personal interaction with northern Tanzania’s sublime wildlife and landscapes has ended. So why don’t you turn your back on Tanzania’s big guns, and give Arusha National Park a chance? Geoffrey Dean did, and he’d happily do it again.
A different view of paradise
Finding Madagascan wildlife that’s worth singing about is easy. Finding accommodation in Madagascar that elicits the same reaction…well, that’s always been the tricky part – until now. We sent Mark Stratton to find the nation’s sweet spots.
Kenya's Top 15 Parks & Reserves - Spoiled for Choice?
Part tribute. Part practical guide. We delve into the diverse world of Kenya’s national parks and reserves to find the perfect ones for you to visit.  Park reviews by Jane Barsby.
A Southern Secret - The Otter Trail
Despite being one of the most beautiful and rewarding trails in the world, the fact that only twelve fortunate people are allowed onto it each day has ensured word of its bounty rarely escapes South African soil. Follow Matt Phillips as he tries his luck.
The true breadth of Botswana
The lure of Botswana’s wildlife and Okavango Delta is legendary, but what does the country offer besides these popular attractions? Mike Main casts his gaze over the entire nation, and its fascinating past, to reveal more of what Botswana has to offer.
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