Issue 39 (Summer 2007)
Summer 2007
South Africa's northern frontier • Should you visit Zimbabwe? • Namibia by motorcycle • Bushmen in Botswana • On horseback in Kenya • Walking across Africa • Cape Verde • Photographing hyenas • Essential Morocco • Speaking with Richard Leakey.......and much more!

Special Report: Should you visit Zimbabwe?
There can be no hiding the fact that Zimbabwe’s tourism industry has suffered as a result of the country’s economic decline over the last decade. Travellers continue to have concerns about visiting the southern African nation that was once one of Africa’s most popular. Will they be safe? Will they be made to feel welcome? Should they travel if they disagree with the political stance of the government? So, when Travel Africa was invited to visit, we jumped at the chance, on the understanding our reporter could tell it as she saw it. Our goal was a simple one: to let you, the reader, know what it is really like to travel around Zimbabwe today. Should you visit? We draw our own conclusion at the end of this report. We hope this helps to put a balanced context on your own decision.
South Africa - Unwrapping the great northern frontier
The beat of South Africa’s Bushveld pulses through the Limpopo and North West provinces. Surprisingly little known, the area offers travellers rich rewards, ranging from elephant-back safaris and encounters with the Big Five to historical treasures and phenominal lodges. The freedom from malaria also brings peace of mind. To shed some light on the remarkable region, we sent Chris Marais and Julienne du Toit in search of its people, beasts and legends.
Is two greater than four?
Simon Brown turns his back on the traditional 4WD for his African foray and straddles his vehicle of choice: a motorcycle. Will he be punished or rewarded for his theory that travelling by two wheels will offer a better glimpse of Namibia?
Out of Africa?
While only 400 miles of Atlantic Ocean separate Cape Verde from the shores of Senegal, the archipelago’s unique landscapes, culture and mood make it truly feel a world apart from Africa. Despite increasing numbers of direct flights from the UK and property agents touting it as the planet’s hottest new destination, most of its beautiful beaches are still blissfully yours to enjoy in peace. Will this remain the case? Follow EMMA GREGG as she hops through this fascinating island nation that’s clearly on the move.
Getting a leg up
Choosing the back of a thoroughbred over the cushy front seat of a Land Rover isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially for a 150-mile safari across the plains of northern Kenya. However, if you select your leader and steed wisely, like Geoffrey Dean, it can be pure joy.
A hunt for manhood
The trip into manhood can truly be a journey in some cultures. For a Bushman, it is the initiation hunt that takes them across the divide. Mike Main recently had the unique opportunity to follow this fascinating, age-old ritual into the remote wilds of Botswana.
Brighter times on a faded relic
Although neither luxurious nor speedy, the colonial steamship MV Ilala can still outperform its modern counterparts. How can it do this when its journeys are more accurately measured by calendar than stopwatch? Simple. It allows its passengers both to experience and escape from the frenetic life along the shores of Lake Malawi. Join Sue Watt for a cruise like no other.
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