Issue 40 (Autumn 2007)

Autumn 2007
12 Winter Escapes • Kids on safari • South Africa made easy • Mozambique's north coast • Wild about Tanzania • Dancing with the Dogon • Kidepo, reviving remote Uganda • Energise your Kenyan safari • Tracking with Bushmen • Self-drive Lesotho • Namibia's Cape Cross..... and much more!

Tanzania - A bright future?
Finding someone who’s dreamed of visiting Tanzania is easy. Why? Names like Zanzibar, Serengeti and Kilimanjaro evoke a spirit of adventure that many of us crave. In this 21-page special feature, we look at the country’s top attractions and let you know how to turn your visions into reality today. We also explore Tanzania’s potential, uncovering dozens of destinations to tempt you in the future.
Right on track
While in the wilds of Botswana researching an intriguing rite of passage in Bushman society, Mike Main enjoyed an exchange with his tracker that he’ll never forget. Thankfully, he was also compelled to write about it.
A coast of peace and plenty
The blissful beaches, brilliant blues and aquatic bonanza of Northern Mozambique’s remote Archipélago das Quirimbas are now paying dividends for both the traveller and the local population. Is this eco-tourism heaven? Dive in with Emma Gregg.
Wild horizons
Jonathan Wright left a life in Canada to return to Uganda, the place of his childhood. With him, he brought ambitious goals to rejuvenate some of the nation’s remote national parks. To see how he’s making out, Jack Barker ventured into the wilds of Semliki and Kidepo.

The perfect playground
William Gray is the authority on travelling with children: he’s taken his to the far-flung corners of the globe. His newly-published book, Travel with Kids, is full of intriguing and exciting options (as well as plenty of advice) for you and your family. Here are some of his thoughts on taking the little, or not-so-little, ones to Africa.
A setting sun?

Long heralded as one of the planet’s most fascinating and well-preserved ancient societies, the Dogon may now be a potential victim of their own reputation. Anthony Ham descends into remote Mali and asks: “Are we’re loving them to death, or does tourism hold the key to preserving the life that remains?”

Kenya cardio
For many, Kenya’s combination of wild animals, rough roads and multi-tribal society offers enough adventure for any visit. Others need a little more to make their hearts race to the max. Richard Trillo, author of The Rough Guide to Kenya, samples eight of Kenya’s best ways to energise your safari.

Sweet sorrow
Some of Africa’s most fascinating big game animals are not patrolling the savannah, they are surfing the swells along the shores of Namibia. Ann and Steve Toon take a trip to Cape Cross and have all their senses confronted by the world of the Cape fur seal.

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