Issue 41 (Winter 2007/8)

Winter 2007/8
Plan your safari - 6 steps to your ideal destination • Zanzibar - add spice to your life • More to Mozambique • Crossing the Kaokoveld in search of desert rhino • Sir Ranulph Fiennes in Zimbabwe • Carbon offsets • Self-drive Botswana • Walking Zambia • Guide to Senegal.... and much more!

A Knight in Zimbabwe
After a compelling taste of the Zambezi in 2005, it was inevitable that Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE would return to Africa. This time his destination was Zimbabwe and his companions were not fellow explorers but his wife, stepson and baby daughter. By Richard Grant

Looking into Africa
So, you want to visit Africa? Knowing how to start the planning process can be seriously daunting. Why? The continent simply offers so much choice. In this practical guide to planning your holiday, our editor, Matt Phillips, uses his extensive African experience to help you ask the right questions that will narrow the search for your ideal destination.
Searching Solitude
Embracing the desolate wonders of northern Namibia, with tent in tow, Amar Grover crosses the Kaokoveld in search of endangered desert-adapted rhino, Himba culture and haunting horizons. Was he successful?
Little Miss Moffat
While fame continues to bathe David Livingstone’s legacy, the body of his wife – a victim of his tragic second Zambezi expedition – lies almost forgotten in a dilapidated cemetery in Mozambique. Here, Julie Davidson makes a pilgrimage to Mary’s fateful resting place.
Rising from the ashes
After being all but silenced by the civil war, Mozambique’s wildlife is truly on the mend. Exciting, novel projects in Gorongosa National Park and Niassa Reserve have once again made the nation a potential safari destination. By Angus Begg.
Zest of Zanzibar
Travel Africa’s island hopper extraordinaire, Emma Gregg, takes to Africa’s most famous archipelago in search of its Unguja island’s most enchanting experiences. Here are her best of the best.
The joys of Chibuku
Fran Sandham recently replaced the daily rigours of London living with life on the road in Africa. In his new book Traversa he walks you through each entertaining step of his epic 3000-mile trek from the Skeleton Coast to the Indian Ocean. Follow him in this exclusive and enlightening excerpt from Victoria Falls to Lusaka.
Asmara, Ciao Bella!
While the Italians created much heartbreak during their reign in Eritrea, they also bestowed its petite capital with an unequalled architectural heritage. Jean-Bernard Carillet wanders its streets, ogles its edifices and discovers joy in his realisation that some historical leftovers are more than skin deep.
The Bright Side
Nigeria is publicised for many things, but tourism is definitely not one of them. So when Mark Stratton was invited to see what the mighty West African nation had to offer, he jumped at the chance.
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