Issue 42 (Spring 2008)
Spring 2008
The wonders of the Western Cape • Gorilla trekking in Rwanda • Namibia's Skeleton Coast • Kenyan voices • Madagascar's spiny south • Tanzania's wildest treasures • Simon King • Guide to Mozambique • Elephant's secret sense • Self-drive Morocco • Botswana's birth.... and much more!

The Western Cape - a Shining Light
While everyone knows by reputation that Cape Town and its surroundings are stunning, most people – including those who visit – fail to comprehend the full potential of the Western Cape. There is just so much hiding around each and every corner. Carrie Hampton, who has spent years exploring the region after ‘escaping’ the UK, is only too happy to reveal what she has found.
Ready to lap it up? The best of the west
While thousands continue to flock to the fêted northern safari circuit and the powdery white beaches of Zanzibar, the world-class destinations of western Tanzania are still being virtually overlooked. Mary Fitzpatrick, author of Lonely Planet’s Tanzania guidebook, takes an inspirational look into the region’s top spots and gives some practical itinerary advice. So, when will you reward yourself with an adventurous journey into the wild west?
Kenyan Voices
With some of the world’s top wildlife attractions, and a longstanding reputation as Africa’s bastion of political stability, Kenya has rightly been one of the continent’s most visited countries for decades. However, the recent post-election meltdown and the mass of adverse publicity surrounding it, wrongly painting the entire nation with the same chaotic brush, is having a catastrophic affect on the Kenya’s image and its tourism industry.
Good Vibrations
Scientist and author Caitlin O’Connell ventured to Etosha’s Mushara waterhole to study elephant behaviour and discovered more than she could have ever hoped for. Her results? Earth shaking.
Birth of Botswana
From fire and ice to diamond engagements and monumental breakups, the creation of Botswana’s landscape has been hundreds of millions of years in the making. By Mike Main
On a wing and a prayer
When the opportunity arose for Matt Phillips to join the Schoemans for a flight-based safari along the Skeleton Coast, he thought his prayers had truly been answered. So, with his exceedingly enormous expectations in tow, he took to the skies of Namibia. Would the famed family live up to their reputation and show him a side of Namibia that he’d always dreamed of? No – they did even better.
Stuck on you - Madagascar's spiny south
Long pining for a look at Madagascar’s evolutionary oddities, Philip Briggs recently leapt into the prickly parts of the island’s remote south. Overwhelmed by the strangeness of the place, he decided to share some of his discoveries with you.
Saharan Caste-aways
While Gill Harvey recently discovered that Mauritania’s notorious winds are perpetually shifting its Saharan landscapes, one gust and sand grain at a time, she also learnt that its longstanding traditions and cultures seem firmly rooted in the past.
Rwanda - More to Give
Mike Unwin recently travelled to Rwanda to realise a dream – locking eyes with an endangered mountain gorilla – and to answer a nagging question. Would he enjoy an intimate encounter or would he just be a cog in a big tourism wheel? His answer? The great apes don’t disappoint. His surprise? The country has more to offer than he’d ever imagined.
Essay - Soul Food
With alternative methods of medicine and therapy on the rise across the globe, we asked Naomi Doumbia to explore the role of shamans in Africa. Are they the gateway to happiness and health?
Nature Calls
Pamela Spencer talks with the popular TV presenter Simon King about big cats, little bundles of joy and life on the go. 
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