Issue 45 (Winter 2008/9)
Winter 2008/9
Pot of Gold - how West Africa will win your heart • Classic Kenya • Gabon's Loango National Park • Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park • Botswana's safari school • Guide to Lesotho • Africa's intriguing noisemakers • Mozambique's Bazaruto Archipelago • Mulata Astatqe..... and much more!

A guiding light to the best of the West
Whether your idea of fun is tracking chimps through lush forests, exploring vibrant modern cities or delving into ancient history and architecture through story or by clambering over concrete (mud in this case) examples from the past, West Africa has something exciting for you. Few people have travelled in the region more extensively than Richard Trillo, so who better than to show you some of West Africa’s best kept secrets.
Selous Sensations
Southern areas of Tanzania’s massive Selous Game Reserve have long been the preserve of big game hunters. However, a new photographic safari venture there is hoping to turn the tide and make conservation the name of the game. We sent Sue Watt to investigate.
The Berg - will it leave you breathless?
Size matters. If it doesn’t, how else could you explain why the dramatic summits of the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg are not better known? After all, there are few mountains on the continent as stunning to look at or as rewarding to hike through, and this range also hosts a variety of compelling wildlife, flora and ancient art. Don’t be too upset about the Berg’s lack of a lofty reputation – it only ensures you’ll have fewer people to share it with. Here, Philip Briggs shows you the ropes.
Zimbabwe - Eye of the Storm
It has been assumed by many that the health of Zimbabwe’s parks must be in as much trouble as the nation itself, with rumours of increased poaching and big game hunting decimating wild animal populations. We thought we’d test the waters and recently sent Geoffrey Dean to Hwange National Park. His findings may surprise you.
Mozambique - Hope floats
With azure seas, marine life aplenty and seriously chic accommodation, Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago is quickly evolving into one of the world’s hippest beach destinations. Matt Phillips decided to visit one new lodge that is making waves for all the right reasons.
Botswana's Safari School
Has the Big Five checklist become the report card for far too many safari-goers? See four and score your holiday a B. Only spotted one? That is a definitely a D. Mike Main believes this is too often the case. To cure the problem and enrich times spent in the wild, here is one great solution: go back to class.
Lo and behold Loango
With its growing eco-Eden reputation, started by its part in Michael Fay’s famed Megatransect expedition, Loango National Park had a lot to live up to in the eyes of Emma Gregg. Would its wilds deliver?
Kenya - A country in the making
Award-winning photographer Nigel Pavitt has spent his life capturing his own stunning images of Africa. However, during his latest project he devoted all his time to uncovering amateur photographs from a bygone era that had never truly seen the light of day. His goal? To create a book celebrating the pioneering years of Kenya, the nation.
Interview - From Jimma with Jazz
Kate Eshelby speaks with Ethiopian jazz legend Mulatu Astatqe about his beginnings and recent resurgence on the world stage.
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