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Binoculars: in your sights
Edition 54: Spring 2011
A good set of binoculars is essential on any safari. However, we’ve heard from you that navigating through the terminology when purchasing a pair is still a tricky business. To help, we’ve broken down the binocular basics below.
New products with Kilimanjaro in mind

Edition 47: Summer 2009


With our special feature on climbing Kilimanjaro, we thought we’d highlight a few new products that could come in handy on the mountain.


What lies beneath

Edition 46: Spring 2009

Traditionally confined to the interior of 4WDs for their wildlife experiences, most safari-goers haven’t put too much thought towards their choice of footwear. However, with more and more people wanting to experience the rewards associated with walking safaris, the decision of what to lace up is now more important than ever. Huw Williams reviews five pairs and gives you some insight into what you should be looking for.

If the boot fits

Edition 43: Summer 2008

Whether you’re hiking up Kilimanjaro or trekking in the Ethiopian highlands, having properly fitted hiking boots is essential. Here, Matt Phillips steps into the heart and sole of the matter.

You light up my life
Edition 42: Spring 2008
Do you know what your flashlight tastes like? Yes? Then you need a headlamp. They light the way, leaving both your hands free to construct camp, cook, eat, read, navigate or even to cling while climbing to a summit for sunrise. Here, Travel Africa reviews some of the top models and gives you some insight into what you should be looking for.
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