Food & drink
Howzit brew?

Edition 47: Summer 2009


While she was one of South Africa’s many visitors who flocked to the winelands, Lucy Corne decided her recent adventure should have more to do with the grain than the grape.

Going bananas

Edition 47: Summer 2009

Researchers at the University of Nottingham have been doing just that – going bananas. And they hope many Africans will soon be joining them. The result may just help reduce deforestation across the continent, and thus help slow global climate change.

Sweet treats

Edition 45: Winter 2008/9

The key to some safari guests’ hearts may just be through their stomachs. Albee Yeend of Steppes Travel, one of The Good Safari Guide’s judges, tells us what separates the best bush and beach cuisine from the rest.

Quirky quenching

Edition 44: Autumn 2008

When most people begin to think of Africa they conjure up images of parched landscapes. While water is in fact scarce in many regions, everyone from Bushmen in the Kalahari to the wildebeest migrating in Kenya finds the nourishing moisture they need to survive. In many African cultures, they have not only utilised their slim resources to meet their needs, but also to toast the times of celebration. By Jessica Dawson.

Africa at home

Edition 43: Summer 2008

Recreating your favourite holiday dishes in your own kitchen is always a monumental task. Finding the perfect wine to accompany them – near on impossible! To help you do both, Wines of South Africa (WOSA) have created a new cook book, South African Rose and Cape Tapas. Here is one of our favourite recipes: bobotie, a traditional Cape Malay dish.

Zanzibar fish soup - Spring 2008
Creating some of the fantastic food you had in Africa once back at home is always a challenge. To help, Conservation Corporation Africa (CC Africa) put together a recipe book, A Kitchen Safari, which features some of their finest meals offered on the continent. Here is one of our favourites: Zanzibar fish soup.
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