Issue 46 (Spring 2009)
Spring 2009
Addo National Park - more than you ever imagined • Volunteering in Kenya • North to Natron in Tanzania • Zimbabwe's Lower Zambezi • Lure of Lake Malawi • Windhoek: a tale of two cities • Unequaled adventures in Dzanga-Sangha • Guide to Ethiopia • Swaziland..... and much more!

People over profits
Unfortunately, many ‘voluntouring’ organisations – companies which run development projects fuelled by the efforts and funds of short-term volunteers – are not always what they are cracked up to be, running more for profit than good. However, as Sue Watt discovers, Camps International is one operation where financial gains take a back seat to the needs of local communities and their environments.
The great escape
Dale Morris is an enthusiastic fan of the bush, though the early morning onslaught of safari activities do eventually take their toll on him. On his latest trip to the wilds of Zambia he decided to add on a little side trip to Lake Malawi, hoping it would recharge his batteries. Did he get the boost he needed?
Jack of all trades
Jackals, ever-present features of the landscape on safari, all too often get overlooked. Yet they are not the underdogs that many people make them out to be. Smart, opportunistic, bold, cunning and endlessly entertaining, they definitely deserve a second look. Text and photography by Ann and Steve Toon.
Getting lucky
Considering its name – Addo Elephant National Park – you can’t blame potential visitors for getting the wrong idea. Although excited at the prospect of elephant encounters, many of them decide to travel to other areas that they think have more varied attractions. Dale Morris, someone who has experienced the diverse wildlife, landscapes and activities in this unique, ever-expanding park, is here in the hopes of helping others avoid the bad luck that follows the ill informed.
Windhoek - a tale of two cities
With riches like Sossusvlei, Etosha and the Skeleton Coast awaiting those who visit Namibia, visitors could perhaps be forgiven for not giving the country’s capital the time of day. However, as Sue Watt discovers, sticking around for just a day or two can be very rewarding indeed.
North to Natron
With his love of the remote and the supernatural, it wasn’t going to be long before Matthew Covarr veered north off Tanzania’s famed safari circuit to take in Lake Natron and the Mountain of the God. Would he end up begging for mercy, or begging for more?
In the thick of it
Visiting the wilds of the Central African Republic isn’t something many of us have done or even dreamed of, yet, as Emma Gregg discovers, there are plenty of rewards if you take the plunge.
The place of kings
Already a land of lavish royal ceremonies, Swaziland wasn’t about to let the 40th anniversary of its independence and of its monarch’s birth, pass without a party. Julie Davidson joined in to see what all the fuss was about.
A river runs through it
The Lower Zambezi National Park is not the richest national park in Africa when it comes to the density of its wildlife. However, few parks or reserves can hope to compete with its beauty or the wealth of diverse experiences its environment offers. By Matt Phillips.
The Glaoui Trail
Amar Grover travels to Morocco, not to enjoy its lavish riads, but to explore a part of their history. His quest revolves around the Glaoui tribal clan, a group which once controlled much of the country’s south. Follow his journey from Marrakech to Aït Benhaddou.
Opinion - gifts that give
For decades travellers have distributed pens, candies or notebooks to hordes of excited children across Africa. While each visitor’s heart was in the right place, their actions were often harmful to the fabric of local communities. TV presenter Kate Humble believes there is a way to harness the continued good will of the travelling public, and to make use of empty space in their luggage, to provide meaningful help to the poor in Africa and around the world. It’s called
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