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The evolution of Travel Africa

With immediate effect, we have changed our company name from TRAVEL AFRICA LTD to GECKO PUBLISHING LTD.

In recent years our business has grown steadily in the face of increasing demand for our magazines. New titles have been launched and existing publications expanded. Looking forward, we face exciting challenges as publishing companies seek to embrace new technologies that will make it easier and quicker to reach readers around the world.


The success of our App and the strong uptake of digital copies via Zinio are great examples of the fantastic opportunities that are ahead of us, not only for us as a small business, but for Africa and travellers in general. We want to make sure that we are best prepared to make the most of these opportunities, for the benefit of our readers and advertisers alike.


While this is a significant milestone in the development of our company, it will have no real bearing on daily operations.


All other aspects of the company, including ownership and the registered number, remain the same.


All correspondence and invoicing will now reflect the name of Gecko Publishing Ltd.


Payments made to us should be made to Gecko Publishing Ltd, but all other banking information remains the same. For a period any payments made to Travel Africa Ltd will be accepted by the bank, so there should be no problems should that occur.


Payments effected by us will now be registered in your account as being made by Gecko Publishing Ltd.


Invoices raised against our company should be made out to Gecko Publishing Ltd, with the relevant publication being mentioned as reference, if appropriate.


Why Gecko?

A gecko is a cheeky little character, found widely around the world. It is small and mobile, always getting itself into a good position to make the most of its environment. It is well equipped to be successful. It's large eyes help it to identify a target or opportunity, and it is able to operate in most conditions.


A new logo and branding will be rolled out shortly, so keep visiting...




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