Issue 49 Winter 2009/10

Winter 2009/10

Embracing nature - Africa sets the pace in award-winning conservation • South Africa's accessible safaris • Planet Turkana, Kenya • Self-drive in Namibia • Free trade markets • Crossing the Kalahari • Tanzania's hidden trail • South Luangwa lodges • Guide to Algeria • Overlanding in West Africa... and much more!

Taking Flight - 2009 Responsible Tourism Awards
Special Report. The highly-acclaimed Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards were recently handed out in London at the World Travel Market, and Africa had more than its share of victories. Here, Emma Gregg sheds light on those making waves for all the right reasons, and takes an in-depth look at Great Plains, a winning company with conservation at its core.
South Africa - for one and for all
Wheelchairs have rarely left their tracks on safari landscape. Sadly, this has had more to do with the facilities available than any lack of desire on the part of those with mobility issues. Thankfully, as Penny Batchelor discovered, rewarding options are now coming to the fore. 
Botswana - at a crossroads
Having previously documented her pilgrimage to the resting place of David Livingstone’s wife for Travel Africa magazine, Julie Davidson returns to Africa to retrace the footsteps of one of Mary’s most poignant journeys – the crossing of the Kalahari.
Markets - untold riches
Wandering through traditional village food markets has long been a pastime of travellers. However, few ever leave with anything more than photographs and vibrant memories. Realising he’d be in Arusha for a while, Matthew Covarr decided to make Kilomero market the place for his regular grocery shop. Did he get his just desserts?
Tanzania's hidden trail
Ushongo, Maziwe, Amboni, Usambara and Mkomazi – they’re not the first names that jump to mind when you think of Tanzania. However, after his recent exploration, these unique destinations will resonate with Scott Bennett for some time to come.
Kenya - another world
Is it possible for a country’s greatest visual splendour to also be one of its least visited destinations? After a trip to Lake Turkana in Kenya’s remote northwest, Matt Phillips certainly thinks so.
Baby (and husband) in tow
Self-drive holidays in Namibia need not be the realm of machismo males. As Sasha Gilmore discovers, they make a great family adventure.
On the road through West Africa
Southern and East Africa have long been a popular choice for people taking holidays in overland trucks – with the knowledge that astounding natural scenery will always be outside their window, it’s an understandable decision. However West Africa, better known for its culture, is also an incredibly rewarding place to hit the road. Here, Matt Phillips speaks with three travellers recently back from an overland adventure with Dragoman through Ghana, Burkina Faso and Mali.
Leading by example - Annie Flore Batchiellilys

From her simple beginnings in Gabon, singer Annie Flore Batchiellilys has become one of Africa’s most respected international singers. While she’s performed across the globe and collaborated with other renowned musicians, her biggest desire is to lift the spirits of her fellow Gabonese at home. 

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