Issue 52 (Autumn 2010)

Autumn 2010

Stars of the 2010 World Cup - 54 reasons to visit South Africa • Climbing Margherita in Uganda • Tracking Serengeti's migration • Sweet Sine Saloum • Malawi's Nyika Plateau • Interview with Dr Richard Estes • Photographic safaris • A family adventure in Hemingway's Africa • Asilah's renaissance • Accommodation in Victoria Falls • Botswana on a budget.... and much more!

Stars of the 2010 World Cup

On the field there were many magic moments at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, starting with Siphiwe Tshabalala’s electric, tournament-opening goal, and finishing with Andres Iniesta’s cup clincher for Spain. However, between the mighty matches and away from each gleaming stadium, visitors were enjoying plenty of epic experiences, all thanks to South Africa. Here, Tiara Walters picks 54 destinations and attractions that truly became stars of their own.

Mountain highs
In search of flowers, birds and a little spiritual restoration, Martin Benadie travels up in the world, to the well-watered heights of the Nyika Plateau. He was rewarded with all he hoped for and more.
On the chase

Follow Brian Jackman into the Serengeti’s western corridor as he searches for wildlife on the move. He finds those he’s longing for, but also stumbles upon some exciting new arrivals.

Climbing Margherita

The glacier-clad Rwenzori Mountains have long cast a spell on visitors, and recently John McKinnell became one of its victims. Here is his tale of conquering Mount Stanley’s highest peak.

Doctor's Calling
It’s fair to say that Dr Richard Estes is a living legend when it comes to the study of mammal behaviour – he’s spent his life observing and documenting its many intricacies. As he’s soon to be sharing some of his knowledge with a lucky few on two educational safaris in Etosha, Matt Phillips thought it was a perfect time to catch up with him.
Asilah's renaissance
Once a blight on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, Asilah has blossomed into something beautiful thanks to the ideas of two friends and the commitment of an entire community. Sarah Gilbert tells us its story.
Sweet Fine Saloum

Nick Boulos explores the myriad waterways of Senegal’s stunning Sine Saloum delta. His story may just whet your appetite for a similar West African adventure.

Julia Bradbury
The television presenter, a renowned rambler, speaks with Pamela Spencer about her recent foray into the wild trails of South Africa.
Focused Attention

As a passionate photographer, Dale Morris often struggles with the must-move-on aspect of wildlife drives on traditional safaris. As there are many more like him, safaris catering strictly for keen photographers are growing in popularity. Here, he describes one such safari in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park.

A family adventure in Hemingway’s Africa
We sent John Warburton-Lee and his young family to Kenya in search of great child-friendly safari options. Here is his second report, which tracks his clan from the lush Chyulu Hills to the luxuriant sands of Diani Beach.
Tortilis: standing tall
Travel Africa looks into the award-winning eco-tourism initiatives of Cheli & Peacock’s Tortilis Camp. Stefano Cheli and Liz Peacock
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