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The Summer 2014 edition of Travel Africa (issue #67) publishing July, 2014.



South Africa:  Kruger on all budgets
Emma Gregg ventures into South Africa’s premier reserve to get a taste of the full range of experiences available to visitors on all budgets. Having enjoyed extraordinary wildlife encounters, she tries to pull together some suggestions for how you can get the best out of the park and asks, is this the best value wildlife destination in Africa?

Zimbabwe:  Exploring the eastern highlands
Popular with locals but little visited by foreign tourists, the Eastern Highlands are a surprising gem in Zimbabwe’s tourist circuit. Often compared to the wilds of Scotland, they offer rolling landscapes, exceptional birdlife and flora, and charming places to stay over. Derek Solomon explores.

Kenya:  The Coast
In the wake of fresh security alerts for Mombasa, we send Jackson Biko on a grand tour of the coast, from Lamu in the north to Diani and Shimba Hills in the south to find out exactly what it is like to visit the region – and what awaits you when you get there. An honest and up to date report, along with practical advice.

Namibia:  Caprivi Strip
Nick van der Leek takes his passion for birds on a trip through this intriguing finger of Namibia.

Tanzania: Astro safari in the Serengeti
The migrating wildebeest may steal the headlines when it comes to the Serengeti, but Tira Shubart packs her telescope and sunscope to explore the real stars on an astro safari that celebrates Africa’s vast open skies.

Malawi: The lake
John Hale relishes another visit to Cape McLear, from where he sets his sights on the wider attractions of the lake, Malawi’s main drawcard.

Botswana: Safari Planner
Our popular tool to help readers plan a visit, including highlights, practical advice… and sponsored listings of companies to travel with.

Essential guide to Murchison Falls National Park
Ethiopia:  The dilemma of photographing local cultures in the Omo Valley
West Africa:  Tom Sykes reports from Cote d’Ivoire
Mozambique:  Emma Thomson visits the remote Niassa Reserve
Zambia:  A visitor’s guide to Lusaka
Portfolio:  Awesome photography by Greg du Toit
Wildlife:  Mike Unwin shows respect to the honey badger


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